The Darkness



The Darkness is the ultimate force behind all evil in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. It is depicted as a large mass of dark, ominous storm clouds.

Despite being an evil force, The Darkness and its sinister magic can be controlled. Spyro is the only known Skylander so far to use The Darkness and combine its power with its own to become Dark Spyro, eventually being able to control his power and using the dark magic to fight evil.


For generations, the Core of Light repelled The Darkness until Kaos returned from his exile and destroyed the Core, allowing him to use The Darkness for his own gain to take over and rule Skylands. After the Core of Light was restored, The Darkness was repelled once more.

3DS Version

In the 3DS version of Skylanders, The Darkness came to the Radiant Isles and brought in Hektore, who then proceeded to capture the Mystic Seekers and forced them to create the Dark Mirror that will later shroud the Radiant Isles from the rest of Skylands. After Hektore was destroyed, The Darkness was driven away.


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