Chop Chop

Chop Chop was once an elite warrior belonging to the ancient race of Arkeyan beings. Like many of the Arkeyans, he was created from a hybrid of elements – in his case, undead magic and technology. Chop Chop is a relentless, highly-skilled solider who wields a sword and shield made of an indestructible metal. With the Arkeyans having vanished long ago, Chop Chop wandered Skylands for centuries looking for his creators. Eventually, he was found by Eon and recruited as a Skylander. It appears he shouts “Boner” at the start of his Soul Gem Preview.

Undead Element

Chop Chop is an Arkeyan warrior who is one of the Skylanders. Chop Chop is of the Undead element.

“Slice and Dice!”
—Chop Chop’s official catchphrase

Power Stats

  • Strength – 65
  • Agility – 60
  • Defense – 100
  • Luck – 20

Starting Stats

  • Health – 300
  • Speed – 50
  • Armor – 24
  • Critical Hit – 10
  • Elemental Power – 25
Species: Arkeyan Soldier
Gender: Male
World: Skylands
Element: Undead
Attack/Actions: Sword Slash
Arkeyan Shield
Spiked Shield Bash
Arkeyan Vorpal Blade
Vampiric Aura
English Voice Actor: Freddie Winston (uncredited)

Chop Chop

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Chop Chop in toy form on the Portal of Power

Chop Chop in toy form

Chop Chop in box

Chop Chop in gameplay

Chop Chop fighting Trolls


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