Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure artwork

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You can now find the special hidden dragon treasure. -Master Eon

The Hidden Treasure is a toy figure magic item that comes with the Pirate Seas Adventure Pack

Console Version

When placed on the Portal of Power, a radar appears on screen that tells the player if a hidden treasure is in the area. The closer the Skylander gets to the treasure, the more circles will show, and a distinct sound will play. When the Skylander is very close, the chest will pop up from below the ground and the Skylander can then open it like any other Treasure Chests.

3DS Version

To use the hidden treasure in the 3DS version, it first needs to be added to the game by Wendel in the same way a Skylander would be added. It will then be stored under the R button, which the player can press to activate it. While active, the chest will draw nearby radiance vials towards the Skylander. Each activation costs 10 radiance.

Webgame Version

At the moment, the hidden treasure doesn’t do anything other than expanding the collection and counting towards the Collector medal.


  • In the Wii version, the Hidden Treasure resets during cutscenes or when speaking with certain NPC’s. This even works in the Ruins, making it an easy-to-use and infinite source of coins.


Pirate Seas Adventure Pack
Toy figure

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