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Rotting Robbies

Rotting Robbies are zombies enemies that are only encountered in Cadaverous Crypt and Spyro‘s Heroic Challenge. They can only be defeated by fire based attacks, from Eruptor‘s Lava Lobs to Drobot‘s Afterburners… any fire attack (plus a cannon blast) will defeat them.

Rotting Robbies
Rotting Robby.jpg
Species: Zombies
Homeworld: Cadaverous Crypt
Element: Undead
Appearances: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure
Attacks/Actions: Swipe
Their only weakness is fire… and cannons.
—Game description

Rotting Robbies are zombie enemies that are found in Cadaverous Crypt. They can only be harmed by cannons, candles or fire based abilities (like Eruptor‘s attacks and Drobot‘s Afterburners).