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Skylander Tip: Cynder’s “shadow dash”


TIP: Cynder’s “shadow dash” lets her move in unpredictable ways around the battlefield. Use this to keep your enemies confused and off guard!


Rotting Robbies

Rotting Robbies are zombies enemies that are only encountered in Cadaverous Crypt and Spyro‘s Heroic Challenge. They can only be defeated by fire based attacks, from Eruptor‘s Lava Lobs to Drobot‘s Afterburners… any fire attack (plus a cannon blast) will defeat them.

Rotting Robbies
Rotting Robby.jpg
Species: Zombies
Homeworld: Cadaverous Crypt
Element: Undead
Appearances: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure
Attacks/Actions: Swipe
Their only weakness is fire… and cannons.
—Game description

Rotting Robbies are zombie enemies that are found in Cadaverous Crypt. They can only be harmed by cannons, candles or fire based abilities (like Eruptor‘s attacks and Drobot‘s Afterburners).

Skylander Tip: Fast Dragons

A dragon might help you!

Did you know half of the Skylander dragons can fly? But even the ones that can’t have cool ways of getting around fast. If you’re going for the completion time goal, a dragon might help you get it!

Did you know that two Skylanders aren’t full dragons? Camo is half-plant and Whirlwind is half-unicorn!

Soul Gems

Soul Gems are glowing gem-like treasures that unlock a special power for a specific Skylander. They are found in all chapters of the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

After a gem has been found, the corresponding upgrade can be bought from Persephone.


Skylander Chapter
Bash Stonetown
Boomer Oilspill Island
Camo Goo Factory
Chop Chop Shattered Island
Cynder Molekin Mine
Dino-Rang Dark Water Cove
Double Trouble Lair of Kaos
Drill Sergeant Battlefield
Drobot Battlefield
Eruptor Lava Lakes Railway
Flameslinger Molekin Mine
Ghost Roaster Darklight Crypt
Gill Grunt Treetop Terrace
Hex Cadaverous Crypt
Ignitor Dark Water Cove
Lightning Rod Stonetown
Prism Break Crystal Eye Castle
Slam Bam Empire of Ice
Sonic Boom Sky Schooner Docks
Spyro Crawling Catacombs
Stealth Elf Falling Forest
Stump Smash Perilous Pastures
Sunburn Dragon’s Peak
Terrafin Pirate Seas
Trigger Happy Cadaverous Crypt
Voodood Arkeyan Armory
Warnado Stormy Stronghold
Wham-Shell Oilspill Island
Whirlwind Creepy Citadel
Wrecking Ball Quicksilver Vault
Zap Leviathan Lagoon
Zook Troll Warehouse


  • The soul gems found in the Adventure Pack chapters are those of the Skylanders that come with them (for example, Terrafin‘s gem is found in the Pirate Seas chapter.

Skylander Tip: Theme Music

Trigger Happy Art

Did you know that the dramatic, ethereal music that plays when the portal of Power is empty is an epically slowed-down version of music that would normally play on that level? Which level’s theme music is your favorite?

Skylander Tip: Gameplay

In addition to getting an Elemental Bonus, you get double-XP when you use Skylanders of the correct element when playing Adventure Mode.


Skylander Tip: Hats

Did you know if you go to your friend’s house and find that he has a hat in his collection that you don’t, you can put the hat on any of your Skylanders and bring it home with you?