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Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack: Time Twister Hourglass

Time Twister Hourglass artworkThe Time Twister Hourglass is a toy figure magic item that comes with the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack.

Console Version

When placed on the Portal of Power, the item slows down time for everything other than the Skylander. It lasts for about 45 seconds per chapter. The figure can be removed from the portal to save part of the duration for later. When changing or resetting chapters, the hourglass’ duration recharges to full.

3DS Version

To use the hourglass in the 3DS version, it first needs to be added to the game by Wendel in the same way a Skylander would be added. It will then be stored under the R button, which the player can press to activate it. While active, the hourglass will paralzye nearby enemies. Each activation costs 10 radiance.

Webgame Version

At the moment, the hourglass doesn’t do anything other than expanding the collection and counting towards the Collector medal.

Time Twister with the Darklight Crypt package
Toy figure

Adventure Pack: Darklight Crypt

Darklight Crypt
Darklight Crypt Toy.jpg
Homeworld: Skylands
Native Species: Ghosts
Story Scrolls: 1
Legendary Treasures: 1
Soul Gems: 1
Story Scrolls: 1
Radiance Crystals: 10
Enemies: Clipperz
Haunted Knights
Stump Demons
Bosses: Occulous
Appearances: Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Darklight Crypt is a spooky level unlocked by using the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. Ghost Roaster is included exclusively with this adventure pack.


The Undead are running amok in the Crypt, and it’s up to the new Portal Master and the Skylanders to figure out why the Undead are uprising.

In this level, you have the ability to switch between the Ghost World and the Real World using Spectral Shifting Platforms. In the Real World, monsters such as Clipperz and Haunted Knights, are harmless, inanimated objects, while in the Ghost World, they come to life and attack. In the Ghost World, the Stump Demons are just normal trees, while in the Real World, they are monsters.

On the console, once this level has been completed, Batterson’s pies will appear in other levels. The 3DS version does not appear to have a story behind it.


The Darklight Crypt is home to several regions.

Batterson’s Pie Shop (Console)

The starting area of the chapter.

Ghost Town (Console)

Home of many of the undead.

Occulous’ Maze (Console)

A large hedge maze with several creepy puzzles.

The Necropolis (Console)

A PvP arena that is unlocked when the figure is first placed on the Portal of Power.

Wighthaunt (3DS)



In the past, the Darklight Crypt had sent hordes of ghosts and zombies to terrorize nearby villages. However, lately, all that changed when the undead no longer seemed hungry for the living. No one knew what caused this sudden change of appetite and didn’t know how long it will last, until it was revealed the Undead love Batterson‘s delicious pies and didn’t want to eat brains anymore.


  • Batterson
  • Gallant
  • Nasty
  • Arcane
  • Lugubrious

Toy Figure Items

The adventure pack comes with three toy figure items. To use an item, simply place it on the Portal of Power in the same way you would a Skylander. Only one item can be active at the same time.


  • Darklight Crypt
When used in the Ruins, the crypt grants acces to the Darklight Crypt chapter.
When used during a chapter, the crypt unleashes a swarm of ghosts at everything on the screen. It deals 999 damage to all enemies and can only be used once per chapter.
  • Healing Elixir
The elixir restores health to all Skylanders currently on the portal. The amount of healing given is 450, in bursts of 30 per second. It can only be used once per chapter, but it can be removed to save part of its healing for later during the chapter.
  • Time Twist Hourglass
The hourglass slows time for everything but the Skylander. It can only be used once per chapter.


  • Darklight Crypt
When used in the Sanctuary, the gate that leads to the Darklight Crypt is opened.
  • Healing Elixir
The Healing Elixir will restore and regenerate your Skylanders’ health while the magic is active. Press R to spend 10 Radiance and use the Healing Elixir.
  • Time Twister
The Time Twister will paralyze nearby enemies. Press R to spend 10 Radiance and use the Time Twister.


When used, the items are added to the collection. Apart from unlocking a 200 gold reward trophy, they don’t do anything special.